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The Bistro's Story

Life is a Musical Journey

The mission of R&B Bistro Up Close & Personal is Edutainment through Information, Inspiration and Motivation.

We fulfill this mission by:

  • Showcasing new and established members of the “arts” community, whose material or talent has been, is, overlooked by the mainstream media. 

  • Giving a voice to the small business owner(s) and entrepreneur(s), in an effort to showcase their business or service to the masses.

  • Encouraging others to Pursue, Follow and Live THEIR dreams.

“R & B Bistro Up Close & Personal”  began airing on  It now airs on The Central New Jersey Network (CNJC.Org) Comcast channels 28 & 30 and Verizon Fios channels 43 & 45, reaching a viewership of over 200,000 households.

The Bistro now has 25 syndication's over 8 states and various cable networks.

Viewership is now 1,024,567,246 and millions more nationwide via PrincetonTV.Org, Apple TV and The HallMills Network via Firestick and Roku devices on any TV anywhere.

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